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International adoption to a foreign country

The Office is the only authority entitled to arrange for the adoption of a child from the Czech Republic abroad. The following persons may apply to have the adoption arranged for:

  • Married couples (only married couples may adopt a child jointly);
  • Single persons.

In exceptional cases, the adoption application may also be filed by one of the spouses. Adoption by same-sex couples is not allowed.

The process of facilitating the adoption from the Czech Republic is as follows:


Applicants with a request to be registered turn to the Office through the Central Authority of the receiving State. As annexes to the application, the applicants shall submit a number of documents related to their personal and financial status and conditions certifying the possibility to become an applicant for adoption. An incomplete and insufficiently detailed psychological report represents a frequent deficiency of the application for inclusion in the register of the Office. The report should be drafted by a psychologist with experience in foster care and approved by the Central Authority for assessment of the applicants for adoption.


Based on the child and applicants’ documentation, the Office is to perform the so-called matching, i.e. the selection of specific applicants for the specific child. The Office shall notify the applicant of the selection by means of the Central Authority of the receiving state, which then assesses the selection made by the Office.


In the event that after careful consideration, the applicant is interested in meeting the child, the Office shall arrange a date for interaction of the applicants with the child, following an agreement with the establishment where the child is placed. The minimum amount of time which the applicant is obliged to spend in contact with a child is 7 to 10 days. This period may be extended depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Due to the length of the court proceedings on granting the custody of the child prior to the adoption, however, it is expected that you will need to spend at least four weeks in the Czech Republic in total. The specialist staff of the establishment shall draft a report on the visit to be submitted to the Office.

The decision on granting the pre-adoption custody of the child
The petition seeking to have the pre-adoption custody of the child granted is to be filed by the applicants with the Municipal Court in Brno immediately after their first visit to the Office.

Upon the expiry of the minimum period which the applicant is required to spend in contact with the child, the applicant shall inform personally the Office whether they intend to take the child in their custody with the intention to adopt the child in the future. The pre-adoption custody of the child is granted on the vases of the decision of the Municipal Court in Brno. One of the terms of issuing any such decision includes the consent of the Central Authority of the receiving country. Once the decision on granting the pre-adoption custody of the child has become effective and the child has been provided with a passport, it is possible to travel with the child to the receiving country.

Follow-up reports

After the child custody has been granted to the future adoptive parents, the Central Authorities or authorised organisations of the receiving country are obliged to send reports on the child’s situation in the family to the Office (so-called follow-up reports). The person authorised to draft such reports in the receiving country shall personally visit the family and carry out an inspection. They shall draft a report on the investigation, which is to be accompanied with a current medical report, as well as the photographs of the child together with other family members. This shall take place after 1, 3, 6 and 12 months upon relocating the child to the foreign country and then at 3, 7, 12, 15 and 18 years of the child’s age.

Decision on granting the adoption

After six months following the child’s placement in the receiving country and after submitting three follow-up reports, the persons to whom the pre-adoption custody has been granted may file an application with the Office seeking the decision on granting the consent for the adoption of child abroad. This consent is a mandatory condition for adopting the child.

Finalising the adoption process

The proceedings on the adoption itself are held in the receiving country. Once the child has been adopted abroad, the receiving country shall notify accordingly the country of origin by sending the document under Article 23 of the Convention, confirming that the adoption was completed in accordance with the Convention.



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