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The Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union and a signatory of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abductions of 1980 which regulates the options of return of illegally removed or retained children back to the place of their habitual residence. In this section, you can find information about illegal removal or retention of children abroad and in the Czech Republic as well as information on how to achieve the return of the child back to the place of their habitual residence.

International child abduction is illegal removal or retention of the child outside the state of his/her habitual residence without the consent of the other parent who has the right to care for this child or without the consent of the court. A habitual residence is not necessarily a permanent residence. It is a place where the child has actually lived for the period of at least 3 months, has gone to school, has had their physician, friends and background.

The international abduction also includes the retention of a child abroad for longer period than the other parent gave consent to.

In the cases of international child abductions, it is possible to initiate court proceedings in which it can be ruled on the child’s return. It is essential to commence the proceedings the soonest after the abduction.

A so-called ‟parental abduction” is not a criminal offence in the Czech Republic. However, in some countries, it may be a criminal offence. The Office will provide information on this.

If you consider a long-term stay with the child abroad and you are not sure if it constitutes international child abduction, click here.

So as to assess the options of child’s return, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

  • Was your child removed abroad without your consent?
  • Does the parent of your child refuse to return from the country he left for with the child?
  • Did you have the right to child care at the time of abduction?
  • Do you wish to achieve the child’s return back to the place of habitual residence?

If you answered YES to all the questions, send the documents to the Office (uncertified copy of the decision on child care) along with the description of the situation. The Office will inform you about further procedure.

If you answered NO to any of the questions, contact the Office so as to ascertain if and in what manner it is possible to resolve the situation.

You can also find information in the leaflet ‟International Family in Crisis” in  Czech  (2.4 MB, Adobe Acrobat document)and in  English (6.8 MB, Adobe Acrobat document).

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