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Procedure for exercising the right to contact with the child

Exercising the right to contact with the child abroad

If you require assistance of the Office in establishing contact with your child residing abroad, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Contact the Office with an informal request for assistance with establishing contact with the child.
  2. In this request, please specify the basic information about the child and the liable person, as well as the key facts why you seek establishing contact with the child.
  3. Enclose non-certified copies of the documents, particularly the court decisions concerning the circumstance of the child (granting the custody of the child, contact with the child, etc.).

After assessing your submitted documents, the Office will inform you on how to proceed in the matter or possibly, it will invite you to submit additional documents, namely:

  • Completed formal applications;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Photographs of the child or possibly of the other parent;
  • The child’s birth certificate;
  • The originals of the relevant decisions.

In most cases, the documents will have to be provided with a translation into the foreign language. Upon request, the district court in the place of your residence will arrange for the free of charge translation of the necessary documents pursuant to the Instruction of the Ministry of Justice of 11 June 2010, file reference 59/2010-MOC-J.

Subsequently, the Office submits the complete application with the translations to the Central Authority of the country where the child resides (it must include a EU Member State or a State Party to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction).

The Office then monitors the progress in the matter, cooperates with the requested Central Authority and the parent, provides information on the laws of the Czech Republic, and within its capacities, it attempts to reach a quick and successful solution to the situation.

Exercising the right to contact with the child in the Czech Republic

If you reside abroad and wish to ensure contact with the child who lives in the Czech Republic, please contact the relevant authority in the country of your residence. You may find contact to the authority in your country here. This authority will assist you in drafting the application seeking to exercise the right to contact with the child and then submit it to the Office with the required documents.

The Office will subsequently take the following steps:

  1. It will assess whether the application complies with all the requirements under the European regulations or international treaties.
  2. It attempts to establish contact with the other parent residing in the Czech Republic and find out about their statement on the matter. The aim is to reach an amicable solution with respect to the best interest of the child who has the right to be in contact with both parents.
  3. Unless it is possible to find an amicable solution or if the parent fails to cooperate with the Office, the Office shall initiate court proceedings on contact with the child.

In the case a decision on contact with child has been delivered, it is possible to seek its enforcement. This may even result in removing the child and transferring him or her to the legitimate parent, which may be highly stressful for all the involved parties.



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