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Options to ensure the contact with the child

Enforcement of the decision on the contact

In the Czech Republic, should the parents fail to comply with the court decision on the contact with the child, it is possible to file a petition with the competent court seeking the enforcement of the decision. Within the enforcement of the decision, the child may be handed over to the parent seeking contact in cooperation of the bailiff, social workers and the police. Due to the fact that it may represent a highly traumatising intervention in the child’s life, all the authorities concerned first attempt to achieve an amicable solution. The court may order meeting a mediator or an expert on child psychology, determined a plan of step-by-step regime in order to allow for gradual contact with the parent or the supervision of the office of social and legal protection of children. In addition, the court may also repeatedly impose fines of up to 50,000 CZK.

In the cases where the child’s parent prevented from the contact and the child reside in different countries, the Office may turn to foreign authorities and in cooperation with them, it may proceed to the enforcement of the decision on the contact with the child abroad.

Request for contact with the child

In situations with an international element, it is possible to proceed, in relation to the State Parties, pursuant to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction of 25 October 1980 and seek contact with the child through the Office. Subsequently, in cooperation with the authorities of the country where the child resides, the Office takes legal steps in order to facilitate contact of the parent with the child. The second instrument under which it is possible to proceed consists in the European Convention on Contact concerning Children of 15 May 2003. Under this Convention, the State Parties shall mutually recognise and enforce decisions on contact of parents (and other close relatives) with children and introduce a system of safeguards ensuring the proper performance of the contact with the child and returning the child after the contact. The drawback of the Convention on Contact concerning Children lies in a low number of signatories (the list of State Parties may be found here ).

In the event that you are prevented from contact with the child residing in a different country, please contact the Office to find out whether and how the situation may be remedied.



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