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Activities of the Office for International Legal Protection of Children in the state of emergency


Due to the state of emergency declared by the Government of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as “the Government”) and with regard to the crisis measures adopted by the Government (in particular pursuant to Resolutions 215 and 217 of 15 March 2020), effective from 16 March 2020 Office for International Legal Protection of Children (hereinafter referred to as the “Office”) announces:
a) the Office's agenda will be carried out in the state of emergency mode (point 1 of Government Resolution No. 217 of 15 March 2020),
b) all personal contact with the Office shall be replaced by written (written or electronic) and telephone contact,
c) Office hours shall be limited to Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 am to 12 pm.
We kindly ask the public and other entities to contact the Office's employees by telephone or e-mail in the urgent matters, and the employees will try to assist them.
The expert team contact list is available:
 Legal Department (457.6 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)
 Intercountry Adoption Department (501 kB, Adobe Acrobat document)
(Please use mobile phone contacts.)


Office for International Legal Protection of Children

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