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Invitation to the conference Involving children in ADR procedures


The Office for International Legal Protection of Children (UMPOD), in cooperation with the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation, invites you to an international conference titled

Involving children in ADR procedures

In the context of the project entitled "Rights and Participation of Children in the Agenda of the Office for the International Legal Protection of Children", whose main objective is to strengthen the competencies in engaging and developing children's opportunities to participate in the decisions concerning them, UMPOD organizes another international conference. It aims to share good practice in involving children in ADR procedures such as mediation or case and family conferences. Attention will be paid to general questions of child involvement, comparison of practice in the Czech Republic and abroad, and issues of the impact of the domestic violence factor on the reflection and practice of involving children in decision making. The conference will be attended by mediators, psychologists, lawyers and social workers.

Date:                       21. – 22. 5. 2018         Brno, Hotel Courtyard (map)


The registration form can be completed by May 13, 2018.

Registration form for workshops (workshops take place only on the first day of the conference, description of each workshop can be found in the program) – registration available until 13. 5. 2018:

You can choose one of these workshops:

WS 1: Úloha dětského specialisty v rodinné mediaci

WS 2: Komunikace s dítětem – techniky, metody, pomůcky

WS 3: Practical Approaches to implementing Child Inclusive Mediation in Diverse Contexts

WS 4: Building Strong and Lasting Collaborations

WS 5: Making child inclusive mediation work for both children and parents

WS 6: Child inclusive mediation with children with special nee

WS 7: Power in Mediation

WS 8: Projektový den ve škole - představení peer mediace a peer mediátorů ostatním dětem, učitelům, zapojení rodičů


The current program of the conference and the focus of the workshops for download in electronic form can be found  here (591.4 kB, Adobe Acrobat document).


If you have any questions, please contact

The conference will include contributions from practitioners who encounter children experiencing parental conflict in their practice and try to make these children, by various models, not only a weapon in the hands of parents but to fulfill their right to express themselves in matters concerning them. The papers will focus on different views of practitioners who work with the involvement of children in the practice of ADR procedures. Attention will also be paid to work on the topic of domestic violence and how far it can influence the possibilities and practices of involving children in decision-making processes and these processes themselves. Good practice will be presented both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The conference will offer space for expert discussion of the risks and the positive aspects of the engagement process, as well as practical instructions on how to involve children at each workshop.

This will be a good practice for different professions from Europe, USA, and Australia.




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