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Office for International Legal Protection of Children

The Office for International Legal Protection of Children (hereinafter only referred to as the “Office”) was established by Article 3 of the Act No. 359/1999 Coll., on Social and Legal Protection of Children, as amended. The Office is an administrative body with the competence in the Czech Republic and it is subordinate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It has been established as a body of social and legal protection of children. The Director serves as the head of the Office.

The Office is a so-called central authority under many international treaties and EU regulations. Its field of activity includes assistance with the following situations: 

  • Recovery of maintenance abroad or in the domestic jurisdiction;
  • Dealing with so-called international child abduction cases;
  • Securing the access rights;
  • International adoptions.

You can find further information on these issues in individual sections of the website.

The Office, as the authority of the Czech Republic, cannot act and intervene in the territory of other countries. The co-operation of authorities of the concerned state is always essential. Possibly, the Office and its client may be legally represented by such an authority. As a result of the above, there can be some limitations and delays while handling the clients’ requests and requests of the Czech Republic bodies not caused by the Office. The process of co-operation between the authorities is governed by international treaties and EU regulations. You can find the list and further information on their use in the Links section.

The Office also acts as a legal guardian (or guardian ad litem) in civil proceedings in the matters concerning minors with cross border aspects.

The Office also provides assistance while securing the return of children to their country of origin in cases when they are in the Czech Republic without a person responsible for them.

The Office, being a governmental agency, is bound by the Convention on the Rights of the Child (New York, 20 November 1989, published in No. 104/1991 Coll.). Therefore, its primary objective is pusuing the child’s interest.

By clicking here you will find the glossary of legal definitions used on these webpages including their explanation.

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Office for International Legal Protection of Children

Silingrovo namesti 3/4
602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

tel.: 00420 542 215 522

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