Child outside the care of parents in the Czech Republic

The Office deals with the situation of foreign children who are currently in the Czech Republic without parents or other caregivers.

These are most often children:

  • removed from their family by the court
  • abandoned by their parents
  • runaways from foster care or from a foreign institutional institution

In all cases, the Office for International Child Protection works closely with:

  • the local authority for the social and legal protection of children, i.e. OSPOD
  • the embassy of the child's home country
  • the partner central authority abroad

All the institutions involved address the situation of unaccompanied abandoned children without undue delay, find out information about the child's extended family and about the possibilities of further care for the abandoned child, taking into account the best interests of the child. A distinction should always be made as to whether the child is habitually resident in the Czech Republic or is "at home" abroad.

The court may, after ascertaining the circumstances of the case, decide to place the child in the Czech Republic or to place the child abroad in the care of another person, foster care or institutional care. From a legal point of view, placing a child in care abroad is not a simple or routine matter, so it is always advisable to consult with the Office or other professionals.

The Office also cooperates with the institutions concerned in arranging the process of transferring the child to care abroad and in arranging the necessary documents for the child.

A special regime and procedure will apply to children seeking international protection.

If you are dealing with a similar situation, please, contact the Office, which can provide you with more information on your situation and discuss with you the options for further action.