Office for International Legal Protection of Children
is helping when family relations go beyond
the borders of one country.

"Where borders divide, we connect."

We are an open and stable institution which, within the limits of its competencies, ensures that the child's voice is heard and that his or her rights are fulfilled in family cases that go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

Our vision is to work to be a respected, helpful and inspiring institution that pushes forward the standards of working with family and child.

We are working in an interdisciplinary team of lawyers, psychologists and other experts. We cooperate with children, with parents, with authorities of social and legal protection of children, with courts, with authorities and other organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad and other experts.

When talking about the Office for the International Legal Protection of Children, the legal abbreviation Office or the designation ÚMPOD is often used.

Our Values

The child comes first




Basic information about the Office for International Legal Protection of Children