I want to go abroad with my child for a short time

If you are planning a short-term trip abroad with your child, e.g. for a holiday or other temporary stay, then we recommend that you obtain the other parent's consent for such a trip as a precaution.

Consent of the other parent for short-term trips and holidays is usually unnecessary or not required by Czech law. However, we strongly recommend it to parents.

Some countries may require the consent of both parents for a minor to enter their territory, either if the child is traveling with only one parent or if the child is traveling without parents and accompanied by another person (e.g., grandparents or other relatives). The consent given can also prevent complications in the event that, when inspected by foreign authorities, it is necessary to certify that the travel with the child is not kidnapping but is really just a holiday or other short-term trip. You may also want to carry a court order governing the issue of parental responsibility with you for added certainty.

Before traveling, it is advisable to check on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or by a verbal inquiry about the conditions for traveling with a minor child in that country.

It is recommended that consents for short-term travel be made in English or in the language of the country to which travel is being undertaken and with notarised or otherwise officially certified signatures. It is advisable to state in the consent the period of time the parent and child will be abroad and the reason for the stay.