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"The child has the right to know all the important information about his life, family and the situation in which he finds himself.

The child has the right to say how he feels, what he thinks, and what he wishes. Everyone should listen to the child and perceive his opinion as important."

We are here for children when their family goes beyond the borders of one country.

We approach to the cases with respect for children's rights. We motivate parents to take into account their child's interests while making their decisions. We are always glad to meet children and talk to them about their situation and the situation of their family.

Children may reach us easily using the website, which is designed especially for them.

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Explore the website together with children and find out,
what topics may interest them and how can we help them.

Shows children what situations of international families we are handling.

Includes stories of children from international families.

Introduces children rights in videos and pictures.

Gives children the opportunity to easily contact us.

Shows in videos a family situations that children often consult with us.

  • You can find more information about the importance and course of children's participation in decision-making (about children's participation rights) on this page.
  • See how other children can see our work.
  • See what rights children have.