Passport for the child

The municipal authorities of the municipality issue passports with extended jurisdiction. Depending on whether or not a citizen wishes to apply for a passport with biometric data, he/she must apply to the authority of his/her place of residence (with biometric data).

General information on the issue of passports is available here.

A child (a person under 18 years of age) can only travel with his/her own passport (a child always means a citizen of the Czech Republic).

A legal guardian of a minor child may apply for a passport, and a citizen over 15 years of age may also apply for his/her own passport, but with the legal guardian's consent. The consent of one parent is sufficient for the issuance of a passport; the office does not contact the other parent in any way.

It is only possible to travel within the European Union with an identity card, but it is recommended to travel with children with their passports. The child's birth number is entered into the identity card. As a national identifier, the child's birth number may be incomprehensible to foreign authorities when staying in a European Union country.